Education in Ormara

Education has a vital role to play in life. It is the fundamental right of every individual to get it. Our religion also puts a great emphasis on education. But unfortunately there is no proper education system in Ormara. Furthermore, the condition of Ormara is like that every year less than a hundred students get through the exam; amongst them only 20 or 25 students get admission for further studies and they too not in Ormara but in other cities like Karachi, Turbat, Gwadar etc and others student {due to bad luck} have to break their studies mostly owing to poverty. From this one can judge the condition of education in Ormara.
Lastly, I would like to mention that there exists a College in Ormara namely OMC but here education is so expensive that most of us cannot afford the expenses being incurred on education. I request the Government of Balochistan to provide us the basic facilities {at least} which is our basic right.

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