Education in Balochistan

Nelson Mondela, the great African personality, once said,”Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world.” The words of Nelson Mandela define the value and power of education that what is education and what can it do for a nation. But, Baloch children are deprived of this great opportunity by which they can make themselves a powerful tool. Balochistan lacks facilities related to education.
According to a report, in Balochistan, 65% schools do not have drinking water facilities, 61% lack proper boundary walls and toilet facilities and 31% schools are without electricity. Additionally, Balochistan has 5,000 ghost teachers which have destroyed the lives of thousands of children.
According to another report, 81% girls in the province are out of school, most of whom belong to rural areas and cannot afford to come in cities for education. In the presence of such a plethora of problems how can the education system of the province can work? If timely action is not taken, it will vitiate the atmosphere further.

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