Education first priority

There are two types of child beggars: one who is doing it as a profession and the other is a child peddler who begs for survival. Child labour is a curse to our society. The future of the community is the well-being of its children. It is required to save children from social injustice. The children are working as a beggar in school going age for the survival of their families and to fulfil basic necessities.
People from the poor background don’t know the importance of education, that’s why most of the children remain illiterate. Awareness must be raised and parents should pay attention to the education of their children.
First of all we should educate the parents who think that education doesn’t matter to live in society. As a matter of fact, we only love children who wear neat clothes, if a child who is begging comes near us we say stay away, don’t touch us. This is an inhuman act, because they are not beggers by birth; it us who throw them into begging.
Child Labour Laws should be strictly put into practice. If we want success, we have to act upon these principles. We have to give education which should be free of cost, so that children in our society get education and can fulfil their dreams of what they want to become.

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