Education for blind children

Blindness is something which happens to an individual and indirectly to his family, it is deeply personal and is never quite the same for any two people. Blindness is factor in total life system.
In our society blindness is a trait to which a stigmatized form of deviance is usually attributed and as consequences a visually handicapped remains in a deviant role throughout his life. But in the situation which exists at present, recruitment of blind children into education is one of the most delicate problems in Pakistan.
The pattern of family with a blind child has to hide him from even close relatives, regarding that child as evidence of guilt, sin and punishment. And it is difficult to recruit blind children for any programmes of education when they are the source of income for the family.
And education is far from the minds of illiterate parents of blind children who cannot conceive a blind child being educated. And the existing educational facilities for blind children in Pakistan are negligible and do not meet even the fringe of the problem.
Almost all the educational institutions for the blind are segregated from residential schools.
The community and educational authorities should not forget that blind children are an integral part of our society and they should not be kept segregated from the society and they should work to bring a meaningful improvement in their education.

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