Education, a powerful tool

Haider Ali

Education is the most powerful tool which can be used to change the world. Unlike many other countries, Pakistan is facing the biggest problem in education system. The root cause of this fiasco is lack of priority and interest in promoting education; Regrettably, Institutions are devoid of quality education, which depicts the dismal picture of the country’s education system. Similarly, lack of research culture has brought miseries for students. Ironically, we could see lot of Masters and PhDs degree holders but basic understanding seems to be missing.
In some parts of the country, its mammoth and daunting task to get rid of political influence and bring reforms in revamping education system. The first word revealed in Holy Quran is ‘Iqra’ that means ‘Read’. Notwithstanding speculations and high claims regarding education system, the actual literacy rate is around 35% only. Moreover, regional disparity and inequality between public and private education sector is another barricade toward progressive and productive education system. On the other side of the spectrum, our country is blessed with many natural resources, four seasons, 90% food comes from agriculture activities, yet we are still counted as underdeveloped that is mainly because of poor management of resources. We are at 108th out of 118 countries.
The panacea to deal with current scenario is to greatly improve our education system. For Master degree, one must have at least one research publication on relevant topic in an International Research Journal. Professional training of tutors is highly suggested by well-qualified people in respective field. First and foremost need to introduce same syllabus and course for all provinces at all levels. Special attention must be given to personality development, communication and presentation skills because practical life is not all about cramming. Education is the basic right of every citizen and it is responsibility of concerned departments to ensure provision of compulsory education at every level. Henceforth funds must be raised for poor citizens so they become productive for the society and nation. Further to this, HEC must bring all its efforts into action in order to ameliorate standards of education. Time to act now and get rid of lethargic policies because education is only source through which our country could become prosperous and economically robust.

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