ECP! Take Achakzai case to logical conclusion

WHILE people belonging to different walks of life continue to condemn the highly controversial remarks made by Pakhtunkhwa Milli Awami Party Chief Mehmood Khan Achakzai against the intelligence agencies, it is encouraging to see that the Election Commission of Pakistan has taken up a petition for hearing seeking his disqualification as Member of National Assembly. While taking part in the National Assembly debate, he had accused that the criminal elements are on the payroll of the intelligence agencies. Though Interior Minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan came in defence of the security agencies but it was required to take some strict action against such remarks so that nobody in future could dare to adopt this course, which in fact was meant to weaken the morale of our agencies.
In fact it has become habit of Achakzai to churn out highly controversial remarks that even come in the domain of treason. Only recently, in an interview with an Afghan newspaper he had stated that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had been part of Afghanistan, sparking demands for his trial under Article-6 of the Constitution. However, the Government or the authorities concerned did not move against him for understandable political reasons. This silence on the part of the concerned authorities only emboldened Achakzai to lash out the intelligence agencies without realizing their contribution that they have made especially over the last two three years to foil a good number of terror attacks. Though everybody has the right to expression and especially the Parliamentarians enjoy the discretion to air their remarks without any fear but at the same time we would suggest that this freedom should be exercised with utmost responsibility and not at the cost of national interests. Those trying to sow the seeds of division through such venom are in fact not loyal to the country and action should be taken against them under the relevant rules and laws. As regards Achakzai case, we expect that the ECP will act fast and take it to logical conclusion without indulging in un-called for adjournments. The people of the country want strict action against Achakzai for his intriguing remarks so that in future nobody could dare to target the state institutions.

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