ECP role

The Chief Election Commissioner is a constitutional public office, entrusted task of holding free and fair election, ensuring scrutiny with total transparency and oversight over all state institutions which are required to perform assigned duties. Caretaker government has no other role but to be seen performing normal routine duties, ensuring that administration, law administration and security agencies perform their designated assigned roles. Both ECP and Caretakers are seen to be lacking.
Pakistan faces scourge of terrorism and extremism which requires total focus of law enforcement and all security agencies to keep 24/7 vigil, without any divergence. Writ of law and constitutional rule alone guarantees Pakistan to be modern democratic welfare state which Father of Nation wanted it to be. The occurrence of Mastung massacre and attack on Akram Durrani on 13 July exposes loopholes and extent of penetration terrorists have made in our country. Earlier killing of Haroon Bilour the sole surviving son of Bashir Bilour, a victim of terrorism in December 2012, should be proof if any is needed that terrorists are well entrenched within our country and require concerted effort on part of federal and provincial governments to work in coordination with intelligence and security apparatus to eliminate this venomous and treacherous enemy.
Within designated area where election booths are located security cameras must be installed and ECP designated representatives should have sole supervisory and magisterial role, while law enforcement and security officers deputed there, should be only there to aid them. Security officers must remain aloof from any role other than maintenance of law and order and preventing any terrorist from penetrating sensitive zone, where access should only be to voters and representatives of ECP and others placed at their disposal.

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