ECP releases parliament members’ asset details

PM owns Rs1.62b, Imran Khan Rs1.4b and Tarin Rs780m


The Election Commission of Pakistan has released details of the assets owned by the parliamentarians and liabilities for the financial year 2016 according to which the total assets owned by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was in excess of Rs 1.62 billion.
Hussain Nawaz remitted more than Rs 234.5 million to the prime minister from outside the country. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif declared the value of Jati Umra Raiwind property Rs 4 million and the property on Upper Mall Lahore at Rs 250 million. In addition the prime minister owned Rs 7 million while the value of birds and pet animals owned by the prime minister was put at Rs 5 million.
The value of the jewellery owned by prime minister’s wife Kulsoom Nawaz was declared at Rs 1.5 million.
According to the financial statements released by the EC which are based on the declarations made in the financial statements submitted by the parliamentarian for the year 2016 Imran owns assets in excess of Rs 1.4 billion. Imran did not declare any asset overseas and declared the current value of his Bani Gala property, which he mentioned as gift, at Rs 750 million.
Imran declared the value of office in Khan House at Rs 5.9 million and that of the boundary around his Bani Gala residence at Rs 6.9 million. He declared the value of Zaman Park house that he inherited at Rs 296 million.
Imran declared making an investment of over Rs 48.7 million, owning Rs 600,000 worth of furniture and four goats worth Rs 200,000, and having no personal car in his use. He had a car which he sold in 2016.
Hamza Shahbaz declared having assets over Rs 350 million while Sheikh Rashid owns assets in excess of Rs 47.5 million. Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan did not declare the value of inherited property while Maulana Fazlur Rahman owns over Rs 6.4 million worth of assets.
Prime minister’s son-in-law Capt (r) Safdar owned more than 14.2 million worth of assets in 2016. He also declared the car worth Rs 6 million which his wife Maryam Nawaz received from the UAE as part of his assets. Capt (r) Safdar, however, did not mention any further details of Maryam Nawaz. The value of the car he sold in Saudi Arabia was declared at Rs 2 million.
Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq declared owing over Rs 190 million worth of assets. Shah Mahmood Qureshi owns over RS 500 million worth of assets while another leader of PTI Jehangir Tarin declared having more than Rs 780 million of assets in 2016. Tarin did not mention helicopter and aircraft among his list of assets but he declared having five cars in his use. The Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Khursheed Shah turned out to own over Rs 30 million of assets in 2016. Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar declared having over Rs 580 million assets including Rs 23,825 worth of arms. Ishaq Dar declared that he did not own any property outside the country.
Senator Aitzaz Ahsan declared having over Rs 100 million of assets.

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