ECP issues code of conduct for international observers

Sophia Siddiqui


Election Commission of Pakistan has issued a code of conduct for international observers and media to hold the upcoming election in free, fair and transparent manner across the country by ensuring the rule of law. According to ECP, the international observers and media will pledge to abide by the code.Their accreditation could be terminated in violation of it.
“They have to adhere with the constitution of Pakistan and all other laws enacts for the time being in the country. They will maintain strict political and financial impartiality during the election process,” the commission added.
The code was made mandatory for international observers and media to respect the sovereignty of country, fundamental rights and freedom of general public. They also had to follow the instruction issued by the ECP and state authorities and maintain a respectful attitude towards them.
According to the ECP issued code, they were bound to show neutrality against any candidate and political party adding they had to abstain from such activities that exhibited they were biased towards any political party.
“Observers will display their official identifications issued by the ECP at all time and show it to the authorities concerned when requested”, one of the code’s section stated.
The authorized persons of observation organizations will only be allowed to give opinion as observers will not be allowed to speak in the media. It would be necessary for an observer to acquaint himself with ECP’s rules and code of conduct, the code added.
The international observers intending to visit Pakistan would submit their visa applicants well in time as per rule and not allow staying beyond the duration of granted visa.

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