ECP directs parties to submit reserved seats nominees list

Representation of minorities and women in NA, provincial assemblies

Zubair Qureshi

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has asked aspiring candidates for the na-tional assembly and provincial assemblies’ seats reserved for minorities and women to submit their nomination papers by June 6, 2018. The respective Returning Officers are accepting their nomination papers from today says a press handout issued by the commission here on Friday. Similarly the political parties registered with the commission have also been asked to submit their lists of women and minority candidates for the reserved seats in the National Assembly and the four provincial assemblies.
Political parties have been asked to sub-mit province-wise lists for the seats re-served for women in the National Assem-bly. According to the handout, these lists would be submitted to their respective returning officers in accordance with Sec-tion 104 of the Election Act.
It may be mentioned here that for the National Assembly, 33 seats have to be allocated from Punjab, 8 for minorities’ women while in the Punjab Assembly 66 seats have been allocated for women. The political parties can submit their names (priority list) to the Election Commission for Province. Similarly in the National As-sembly, 14 seats have been reserved for women from Sindh, 9 for women of reli-gious minorities while for the Sindh As-sembly number of seats reserved for women is 29. For women from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the National Assembly has reserved 9 seats while three have been reserved for women from religious mi-norities. In the KP Provincial Assembly, number of seats reserved for women is 33.
For seats reserved for women from Ba-lochistan province, the National Assembly has allocated 4 seats while three seats are reserved for minorities’ women. The number of seats reserved for women in the provincial assembly is 11.
Besides, for the 10 seats reserved for mi-norities in the National Assembly, the par-ties and individuals have been directed to submit their papers and lists to the Addi-tional Director General of the Election Commission of Pakistan by June 6, 2018 Wednesday.

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