ECP averts crisis

THE situation developed after the Supreme Court verdict removing Mian Nawaz Sharif as PML (N) President retrospectively and declaring all of his actions as unlawful, void and the resultant possible crisis has aptly and wisely been averted by the ECP (Election Commission of Pakistan). In its meeting held on the very next day of the judgement, the Commission considered various options in the backdrop of surprising silence of the apex court on the consequential situation and decided to treat all PML (N) candidates as independents. Revised notification in this regard has also been issued.
The Commission has done what a national institution should have in such a situation. Senate elections are due on March 3 and it has been wish and effort of some circles to get them derailed on flimsy excuses but so far all such attempts have been foiled. There was absolutely no justification for delaying the polls or depriving PML (N) candidates of the opportunity to contest the election. Though revised nominations under the signatures of Raja Zafarul Haq, Chairman of the party were submitted by party leaders earlier in the day but the Commission decided instead to treat them as independents. The decision has fulfilled demands of fair play and the need for providing level playing field to all parties and candidates.

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