Echo-effect in Talawat & Naat reciting

The Spirit Of Islam

Sakhi Sarwar

Advancement in technology and invention of new audio / video gadgets and applications has revolutionized not only the art of music but everything which relates to the audio / video presentations. The impact is rather more visible after the access of our vocalists to the TV channels and other broadcasting outlets. Some protagonists of the new trends, first of all, added ‘Jhankaar’ in the old classic songs of especially the most heard great women artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Madam Noor Jahan and other popular singers. [I don’t know, what was the reaction of Lata or Noor Jahan to this trespassing in their masterpieces?]. This new trend in music did not spare even the spiritual and religious occasions of ‘Hamd-o-Naat’ and even recitations from the holy Quran.
The Muslim Ummah and the Pakistani nation devoutly observe Eid-e-Milad-un-Nabi, Shab-e-Meraj and ‘Shab-e-Baraat’ with religious fervor and some of the TV channels and radio stations broadcast special programmes, creating spiritual environs and settings befitting the events. The anchors, presenters and participants offered sermons to highlight the importance and historical significance of these sacred events, especially the bounties of all Beneficent Almighty Allah showered upon mankind on these occasions.
They spend millions on these pious programmes but the insertion of the echo-effect by almost every TV channel, in the audio of the pious sermons, the Talawat-e-Kalam-e-Pak, the Naat-e-Rasool(SAW), rather spoil the spiritual impact on the viewers – thus converting a virtuous act to a mode which amounted to desecration of the sanctity of the Great Text and the sublime poetry dedicated to the holiest person(SAW) among the ‘crown of the creations’ – as not a single word of the holy Quran or Naat Shareef is audible with clarity and sharpness of sound. The advent of the new musical applications is welcome but can’t we spare the holy Quran and the Naat-e-Rasool(SAW)? I do understand that the electronic gadgetry and amplifiers designed and manufactured for loud speakers basically meant for musical concerts etc, are equipped with the provisions for adding diversified effects in the audio output streams; but unfortunately the same equipment / amplifiers are installed in mosques, Imam bargahs and other places of devout congregations.
The operators of the equipment, sometimes advertently but most of the time inadvertently, switch it on to the echo mode, thus blurring away the Tilawat, Naat Khawani and even the sermons delivered by the Imams and the Khateebs. I request the religious scholars, the learned Muftis and other knowledgeable interpreters of the Islamic traditions to kindly guide the nation on the question as to whether the insertion of the echo-effect in recitations from the holy Quran and recitations of the Naat-e-Rasool(SAW) is ‘valid’ or ‘invalid’; doesn’t it amount to the desecration of the words of Allah and Zikr of the holy Prophet (SAW), as the sound is jumbled up and the words are hardly audible or understandable.

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