Eating in Ramazan

I do not understand the reason as to how the shopping of eatables and cooking of special iftar/suhoor recipes could be considered as adding glory to the fasting month of Ramazan. Ramazan is not a month of eating special iftar and suhoor menus, but it is a month for all the Muslims — male and females — to eat less and devote more of their time in prayer.
As per the teaching of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), iftar and suhoor should be as light as possible, but instead, in general barring very few homes, Muslims are busy in seeking their creator’s blessings through lavish eating. In my humble opinion, this inculcated tradition which is on the rise year after year is not in line with the true spirit of this blessed month. The kitchen expenses during Ramazan should be less instead of doubling it up.
The arrival of this blessed month is the time for Muslims to seek forgiveness from Allah, their God for all kind of wrong-doings and sins they have committed and to take a pledge to keep themselves away from all kinds of social and spiritual misdeeds in future.
Mumbai, India

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