Duterte of killing criminals

Chief cop acusses


A former police officer has claimed that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte used to pay him and other police officers to murder criminals.
During a news conference, Arthur Lascanas said that while he was a mayor, Duterte used to make a “liquidation squad” to kill criminals and opponents.
He stressed that the reason he was speaking up was that he had a guilty conscience, especially for his role in the death of two of his brothers who were killed for being drug users.
“I had my own two brothers killed. Even if I end up dead, I’m content because I’ve fulfilled my promise to the Lord to make a public confession,” he said.
He also described several other incidents which he said had been ordered by Duterte to carry out such actions as bombing a mosque in 1993 or killing a drug lord.
In one incident he said that his group had shot a kidnapping suspect, along with his pregnant spouse, son, father-in-law, and two other people. According to human rights lawyers, Lascanas’ claims could be used to impeach Duterte.
Martin Andanar, Duterte’s communications secretary, rejected all the allegations, saying that they were a “demolition job” by unnamed persons affected by Duterte’s reforms and aimed at his removal from power.—Agencies

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