Durrand Line & conspiracies

AN Afghan lawmaker has claimed that Afghan and Indian intelligence agencies and some other parties are out for his blood after he called the Durrand Line an internationally recognised border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Lawmaker Abdul Latif Petram in an interview said that Indian intelligence was part of the plans being hatched against him because India wants to serve its own interests in the country in view of ongoing differences between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The statement of Afghan MP on the one hand echoes the dark realities within Afghanistan where India is spreading its tentacles to perpetrate nefarious activities against Pakistan and on the other hand also reflects that ordinary people of Afghanistan want good relations with Pakistan and do not consider Durrand Line border any issue. Though there is no base to raise objections to the settled issue of Durrand Line but it is regrettable that certain pro-Indian elements within Afghan government keep giving controversial and baseless statements on the matter. However, whatever Hamid Karzai-like elements say about it, the world community considers Durrand Line as a settled and closed matter. 1400- mile long border was demarcated following an agreement between Sir Mortimer Durand, a representative of British India and Abdur Rahman Khan, the Amir of Afghanistan. His successor, Amir Habibullah Khan, signed a new agreement with Britain in 1905 and accepted the legality of previous accord. Therefore instead of raising controversies, it is better for Afghan leaders to take steps that bring ease and relief to the lives of their war-torn people. Pakistan, on its part, has initiated some good steps to strengthen border controls and improve border management with the aim to check movement of undesirable elements but attitude of Afghan authorities on the whole matter has been negative and resorting to propaganda campaign. For the sake of better future of their people, these leaders should stop becoming a tool in the hands of Indians and engage closely with Pakistan for resolution of all matters.

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