Drunk driver on highway

A few weeks ago, I visited Gwadar and Jiwani, Balochistan’s main coastal areas where a huge development activity under the umbrella of CPEC is on with expectations running high. But I observed an illegal act on the Gwadar Highway. A driver had a bottle of beer in his hand and was openly drinking while driving his car and that too at a very high speed. The speedy car was not going on the right track which was entirely dangerous for other vehicles.
The driver unconsciously drove the car while he was crossing our van. There could have been a big bang but thanks to Almighty Allah Who saved us from a major calamity. It was a shocking observation that such unconscious drivers are allowed to drive vehicles on highways which cause painful accidents. It should be known that the check-posts have failed to seize the drivers who possess illegal drugs and successfully cross the check posts.
I humbly request the relevant authorities to make the check-posts functional to check the vehicles thoroughly in order to stop the usage of illegal drugs, if it goes unfettered, then accidents would take place on a regular basis. I hope that the police will take action on this issue and arrest the ones who drink and drive unconsciously without following the traffic rules and regulations.

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