Drugs, weapon of mass destruction

Amna Saqib

MEDIA is regularly highlighting increase in use of drugs. Recently, voices were raised against use of drugs and its spread in the society and distinctively in learning institutions especially universities. The awareness of illicit drugs, access to the students and their abuse has dramatically amplified.
The drugs supplying has turn out to be a money-spinning and flourishing business now a days forgetting about the future of a large chunk of today’s youth that will be severely compromised. The educational institutions are now working as direct dais for these suppliers where it is more convenient to influence and entrap young students as the suppliers are just one phone call away. The swapping of their numbers and packets take place throughout hostels, hotels and other places that are normally out of sight from the prying eyes of law enforcement agencies. The wrongdoers of doom and gloom are well rooted and have extended this as a web for their reprehensible purposes.
The family is often viewed as the central starting place of strength, providing nurturance and support for its individual members as well as ensuring stability and generational continuity for the community and culture. But now the charisma of materialistic world and lust to get every comfort of life has turned the mind of parents on just money making. They are much involved in the social activities which have diverted their attention from up-bringing of their child. Family can have powerful persuasion on shaping the attitudes, values and behaviour of children but the generation gap between the child and parents has greater than before due to lack of their attention.
The long work hours, irregular schedules and commitments of parents are off-putting the children. The parental communiqué gap is forcing them to take the tread of indulging them in drug addiction. Even the parents feel ashamed of sharing the thoughts on this matter ingenuously. This topic is least discussed and become needless by the society. With the incessant narcotics usage, brain is incapable to interpret and respond to anything. Hence the young innovational minds start losing their thoughts, behaviour, emotions, capability and potential to survive. Substance abuse of drugs in the work place can lead to lowered productivity, physical injuries and fatalities. Employees and co-workers will also have to deal with cost of sharing a work place with someone whose feat on job will inevitably be impacted by their rule of drugs.
Globalised society has truly modernised youth in a wrong way. Use of drugs is very much motivated in youngsters and considered as status symbol without thinking about the negative impacts. Slogan of “Say no to drugs” is required to be raised up at individual, national and global level in a momentous way.
— The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.
Email: amna.saqib@preston.edu.pk

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