Drugs inspector mum over dilapidated lab machines


The public circles of district have lodged complaints against private pathological laboratories for excessive charges as well as unauthentic results and rising rate of fatal diseases across the area. Residents urged for essential monitoring on the part of health department a survey revealed.
Social and public circles have concerned that quarters are failing to regulate efficient monitoring against threatening state of affairs emerging because increasing private clinical pathological labs closed to DHQ Hospital and in other parts of the city.
Sensible circles of the area are of the view that despite inflaming descriptions of adequately funding to health care sectors in the province the health authorities have about failed to confront increasing rate of diseases in the remote southern districts.
It is to be noted that currently provincial government is spending millions in health sector with a view to facilitate people of the district Tank with better health care services.
People complain that health authorities are not focusing the important public issue of private labs which have flooded the city as well as its adjoining rural parts and causing serious health problems owing to their certain role in the spread of diseases.
The local health department clearly declines to have any concern with private labs as well as shift the responsibility of monitoring to district drugs inspector and who has never been witnessed to have watch on them.
Public circles accuse the relevant drugs inspector for receiving handsome money to keep mum over the situation besides giving them free hand to fleece patients.
It is learnt reliably that with the felonious neglect of concerned quarters a number of pathological laboratories have been running the business with their ill trained staff in the absence of proper monitoring by the relevant drugs inspector.
Social circles blame that almost patients are brain washed and referred by medical officers to these private labs whose owners and less trained staff charge them on double price as compared to that of official laboratories in the local DHQ Hospital Tank. Sibghat Ullah Mughal President Tank Press Club was of the view that local DHQ Hospital’s clinical lab was lacking official price list of clinical pathological tests displayed over there.
Similarly residents blame that patients wishing x-ray and ultrasound are referred to the clinics outside the hospital premises for their personal commercial interest instead of conducting in the hospital whose inauthentic results/revelations gave way to a host of complaints in public circles.
As it is obvious that such unrecognized labs established at every nook and corner of the city almost lack qualified staff besides necessary diagnostic accessories. APP/akh-ash This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.—APP

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