Drugs in educational institutions

Saba Iqbal

Many countries are facing drugs issue and Pakistan is one of them too. The way it affects us, it is hard to swallow. According to one survey of UN about drug addicts, there are 7.6 million of drug addicts in this country which includes 22% of women as well. Now this curse has made inroads into our colleges and universities. Students with the age 17 or 18 are using one or the other kind of drugs. Islamabad is worst affected by this curse.
The news of LUMS student took attention of people all over the country. Earlier declared as mysterious death was pertaining to the overdose of drugs. After that the news of raids on private universities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi also caught attention. In results of these raids several students and drug suppliers were caught. The dean of one university also admitted that 57% of their students is narcotics to at least one kind of drug. By this interior ministry has taken some bold steps. They have arrested some suppliers and some key people of this bloody business.
Now this is an alarming situation for us as those the future of our country is based on are themselves based on drugs. We failed to convey hazards of dark side of drugs to youths. For them it is something that they find cool. Becoming cool is different from becoming a drug addict. On this issue university authorities and local print media should come in front and enlighten our generation about the ill-effects of this curse. It is so much important to differentiate between what actually drugs are and what young girls and boys think of it. Government should set up a positive epitome by punishing these peddlers with severe punishment so that our present as well as future generation could learn a lesson from it.

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