Drug abuse and role of ANF

Kinza Mumtaz Abbasi

Drug abuse can be termed as the misuse of drugs which leads to addiction and it is what drug addiction actually means. Drug abuse is an ever growing world phenomenon.
In the context of Pakistan, the situation is really alarming enough to call it “terrorising”. A significant proportion of Pakistani youth is suffering from the devastating and scourging effects of narcotics and drugs as increasing number of the youth is becoming the main target of drug dealers and smugglers. A drug (hashish, heroine and other synthetic drugs) addict is not only playing with his own life but the whole family suffers because of that.
The reasons can be different on how an individual views drug abuse among youth but as a whole we see there is no collective social community concerns to fight the menace. Apart from this, the institutional framework is working in this context for past several years like Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) which specially works against drug dealers and anti-drug activities among youth in educational institutions and tracing the drug trafficking networks, limiting the smuggling, trafficking and distribution of narcotics in the country and ensuring the strict control of chemical movements.
ANF is a federal force which is curbing the menace of drugs and narcotics. It keeps a vigilant eye on the expansion of drug smugglers networks in trafficking of narcotics from our neighbouring country Afghanistan by checking at borders and airports used for trafficking of narcotics and drugs. In the context of drug demand reduction (DDR), ANF organizes anti-drug walks, campaigns, lectures in different educational institutions, pet shows, youth conventions, hiking, drug burning ceremonies, youth ambassadors recreational trips, youth galas, awareness stalls, musical concerts, sports activities, workshops and anti-drug dramas for youth to participate in all these positive activities. ANF is also enhancing its research analysis on drug abuse with the collaboration of UNODC.

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