Drones unacceptable even in Afghanistan

VIOLATING sovereignty of any other country especially with its drone strikes has become a norm for Washington over the past one and a half decade. With this technology, the super power has managed to eliminate some hardcore elements but given the collateral damage and civilian casualties, these have been widely disapproved by the world community at large. It is, however lamentable that the US while giving no ears to this criticism is continuing its unbridled killing spree through CIA operated drones.
In the latest attack, the drone targeted an area in Nazyan District of Afghanistan on Sunday in which it claimed to have killed four suspected militants. On the one hand the US is very much part of the QCG process which was initiated last year in a bid to take forward the dialogue process but on the other side it is continuing with its military option which in fact is creating obstacles in the way of the revival of direct talks between the Afghan government and the warring factions. The latest strike by the US predator in Balochistan province gave a greater setback to peace process and this drew severe criticism from different quarters in Pakistan including the Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif who while voicing concerns over the attack said the drones are not only impacting the mutual trust but also proving counterproductive in consolidating the gains of operation Zarb-e-Azb. In fact the counter terrorism measures that violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of any other country do not prove fruitful rather fuel violent extremism. Given the collateral damage caused by the drones in tribal areas, it has only contributed to promoting anti-American sentiments in Pakistan and the people consider them as an open aggression against the country. Despite widespread criticism from different countries and human rights groups including the adoption of resolution by the UN Human Rights Council in March 2015, it is regrettable that Obama administration remains obstinate to continue extra-judicial killings through drones, which the people in Pakistan consider, are aimed at fulfilling the covert aims of the US led countries in the region. We hope that our foreign office will continue its efforts at the international forums to highlight the inefficacy of these attacks.

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