Drone politics

American Administration insists on its drone policy. It says it is the most effective tool to take out the terrorists. The positive aspect of the drone attacks is its accuracy in targeting the specific persons with precision. They have busted the most dangerous terrorists in the world. Our objection to these drone attacks is that they violate our air space which is certainly against the international laws and our territorial sovereignty and independence. We have always protested against the drone attack despite their effectiveness.
We should express our gratitude to American Administration for doing our job. Our protest makes no difference and the Americans have persisted in their policy. I think they have got the tacit approval of the government of Pakistan and have killed many leading terrorists at the crucial juncture of negotiations with Taliban. The efforts for peace were scuttled by the drone attacks. We condemn the drone attacks as a face saving device. To hell with it, let us be realistic and accept them for doing our job and making life easy for us all.

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