Drinking blueberry juice may boost brain function in elder people


BLUEBERRY is one such fruit which has only gained popularity in conjunction with desserts, especially cheesecake. Its tarty flavour gives desserts the much needed zest and spunk. A member of the prestigious category of superfoods, blueberries boast of health benefits, which are bound to leave you by surprise. These berries are not only a store house of antioxidants but also play a significant role in boosting immunity, regulating blood sugar and undoing the damage of a high-fat diet. While certain parts of the world enjoy fresh, seasonal blueberries, there are other parts where consumers need to spend a significant sum of money to buy fresh or frozen blueberries.
A recent study suggests that drinking 30ml of concentrated blueberry juice daily can improve brain function of elderly people. The brain function in older people tends to decline with age, but a glass of blueberry juice can improve brain blood flow, boost brain activation and some aspects of working memory amongst older adults.
For the study that was published in the journal Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, the team of researchers studied 26 healthy adults, out of which 12 adults were given concentrated blueberry juice – providing the equivalent of 230g of blueberries – once a day, while 14 were given a placebo.
Those who consumed the blueberry supplement showed increased signs of blood flow to the brain and cognitive function, compared to the group that was given placebo. Experts also indicated a significant improvement in working memory.
The researchers pointed that blueberries are rich in flavonoids, a component found abundantly in plants. These flavonoids possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which prompt in causing these positive effects in the elderly.
Joanna Bowtell from the University of Exeter in Britain said, “The study shows that with just 12 weeks of consuming 30ml of concentrated blueberry juice every day, brain blood flow, brain activation and some aspects of working memory were improved in this group of healthy older adults.”
Researches conducted previously has already proved how an higher fruit and vegetable intake reduces the risk of dementia. A diet rich in plant-based foods also preserves the cognitive function better in healthy older adults.

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