Drink plenty of water for mind and body health


YOU may not drink plenty of water but there are plenty of reasons to drink it.
Health experts recommend eight-8 ounce glasses that is equal to about two litres . Moreover, according to health experts drinking recommended amount of water is of utmost importance for staying healthy. It is said that body is composed of about 60% water which is required for carrying out bodily functions like digestion, absorption circulation creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients and maintenance of body temperature.
Medical practitioner, Dr. Farah Pasha while talking to this scribe on importance of taking adequate amount of water said that fluid losses occured continuously from skin in the form of sweat, breathing ,urine and stool and the amount of water lost must be replaced daily for staying healthy, otherwise all these activities would lead to dehydration. Dehydration, she said, “has its own consequences from mild to severe ones.” Another medical practitioner Dr. Asma said, “dehydration impairs both mood and concentration and increases the frequency of headaches.”
She further said dehydration was detrimental to working memory and “it increases feelings of anxiety and fatigue.” She said “ even mild dehydration can impair mood ,memory and brain performances.” While drinking water, Dr. Farah said, one should think of nutrients lost as all of those were essential daily for good health. “Water helps energize muscles;when the cells don’t have adequate fluid they don’t work well and as a result of which performance suffers.
She said,” water improves the digestive process;water works much like oil does in a machine without water digestive process tends to slow down and gets sluggish.
“ A big glass of water about half an hour before every meal facilitates the digestion process,” she advised. She further said drinking less amount of water resulted in reduced motivation,increased fatigue and making physical activity impaired ,mentally and physically which are directly or indirectly symptoms of dehydration.
As hydration has a major effect on energy levels and brain function studies show that even mild dehydration could impair many aspects of brain function. Health experts say hydration and dehydration also have their effects on children.
Hydration activates brain of an individual (child or an adult) more accurately hydration helps a child’s brain to carry on its normal functions alertness ,concentration and focus. The experts elaborated that children were not much informed about the merits and demerits of drinking required amount of water,but had the necessary impulse for water. so, the experts floated the advice for mothers to take care of the requirement of children regarding water.

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