Drifting focus on governance

IT seems those wishing to discredit an elected government have almost succeeded in their designs as leadership seems to be in disarray and all of a sudden negative messages are emanating from different walks of life and sectors. As is always the case in an uncertain situation, bureaucracy is in a wait and see mode and not much interested in carrying out government agenda especially when the Ministers themselves find no time to attend to their office routines.
This state of affairs is unfortunate as the government is in its final year and elections are due after May 31, 2018 and the party in power needed to show extraordinary performance in the last year. No doubt, the tempo of socio-economic development was jolted by the Supreme Court verdict in Panama Papers case when the Prime Minister was disqualified and vibrant, hardworking Finance Minister Ishaq Dar is facing NAB references. But it is also a fact that there is continuation in the governance and PML-N has to deliver as before if it wants to retain its popularity in the face of a multitude of hostile factors. Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has good credentials as doer and achiever but what has happened to the rest of his cabinet colleagues. Mr. Dar has to focus on court cases and defend himself and as a consequence the economy, which was satisfactory a few months back, is now facing declining trends. However, the question arises as to why rest of the cabinet colleagues are not able to make a mark as far as delivery of service to the people is concerned. At a time when government is telling the nation that load-shedding would become a history from November end, the duration of load-shedding has suddenly increased and unscheduled load-shedding spanning over hours is affecting common man as well as economic activity. There are concerns that the menace of load-shedding would increase in November and December due to accumulation of circular debt. Similarly, the winter is weeks away but there is absolutely no gas in many of the areas and localities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It seems deliberate attempts are at work to undermine the government but authorities concerned are un-moved. Some ministers are concentrating just on protocol duties and not doing their office work while others are least bothered. PML-N should better avoid confrontation with institutions and focus on governance if wanted to maintain its relevance in politics.

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