Dreadful traffic situation

This is to write in order to draw the attention of Balochistan government regarding the plight of extremely poor traffic framework in Turbat city. Turbat, one of the modernized and largest cities of Balochistan, has been confronted with lowest standard traffic system since last seven decades. Despite beautiful reconstructed roads recently in whole Turbat city, one hardly sees appropriate signal points along with officially well-dressed traffic personnel.
As a result of disorganized and ruthless driving, fatal accidents take place putting life of the people at a serious risk. Besides government negligence for chaotic traffic administration, people of Turbat are equally responsible for rise in outrageous accidents. Motorcyclists never bother to wear helmets and fastening off set belts is never a priority for car drivers. It is high time for authorities concerned to put an end to the unruly and undisciplined plight of traffic and organize a proper traffic system in order to save precious lives.
Kech, Balochistan

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