DRAP reassures commitment for medicines’ availability

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The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan’s (DRAP) spokesperson in a statement has informed that DRAP is taking every step for the availability of anticancer drugs, cardiac drugs and life saving medicines in the country.
The issuance of SRO 142(I)/2018 for two years by the DRAP is actually the extension of previous SRO. 28(I)/2013 which was valid for 5 years and expired in January 2018. After implementation of said SRO the hospitals and institutions can import medicines for certain ailments which are badly needed for the patients and yet not registered in Pakistan.
The quality and safety of the imported medicines shall be verified by the regulatory authority of country of origin.
The importation of vaccines shall require pre-qualification by World Health Organization. It is clearly mentioned that medicines importable under this SRO are exclusively for the hospitals/institutions and cannot be sold in the market.
The spokesperson further added that whenever there is a catastrophic situation in the country like earthquake and floods, the WHO and other charitable organizations provide medicines as donation. Many NGOs working in Pakistan also distribute imported medicines free of cost to patients under their various programs. Since most of the time such medicines are not registered in Pakistan, the import of medicines as dona.

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