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Dr Qadeer’s positive contribution

THIS land has produced several heroes who through their
excellence in their respective fields made the entire nation proud but amongst them Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, who turns 83 today, will always be ranked highly and at top for his positive contributions in making defence of the country impregnable. He is not only the pride of Pakistan but also the entire Muslim world as he was the first Muslim scientist to pioneer the concept of enriching uranium with gas centrifuges.
It is our nuclear capability and deterrence that has created fear in the heart of our arch enemy to enter into a full-fledged conflict. If the country possesses any respect and awe in the current global village and the capability of fending off any external danger, it is undoubtedly because of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and his entire team. It was under his supervision that process of Uranium enrichment was effectively accomplished and significant development was also made with the successful test firing of Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles, Ghauri 1in April 1998 and Ghauri II in April 1999. Apart from this, Dr. Qadeer also re-organised Pakistani’s national space agency, SUPARCO. In late 1990s, Khan played an important role in Pakistan’s space programme, particularly the Pakistan’s first Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) project and the Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV). Dr. Qadeer was also a key figure in the establishment of several engineering universities in Pakistan. He set up a metallurgy and material science institute in Ghulam Ishaq Khan (GIK) Institute of Engineering Sciences and Technology. Regardless of all his altruistic contributions, it is regrettable he was not given the honour and respect that he deserved and we also failed to make full use of his capabilities. Some questions need to be answered. Why did we forget the man who gave Pakistan respect in today’s world and provided us a system that saved us from internal and external threats? Is it how national heroes are treated just to appease others? The fact of matter is that his name cannot be omitted from the hearts of common Pakistanis and the country’s history for making Pakistan an atomic power. We at Pakistan Observer, from the core of our hearts, pay regard and tributes to Dr. Qadeer’s services, contributions and wish him a very happy birthday and healthy life ahead.