Dr Khan on bad governance

ADDRESSING the well-attended Gold Medal Awards distribution ceremony, organized by Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC) in Islamabad, legendary nuclear scientist Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan pointed out that bad governance is serious threat to the country. He also said that industrialization could lead the country towards becoming an Islamic welfare state.
The malaise afflicting Pakistan has rightly been pinpointed by Dr. A.Q. Khan, as bad governance is one of the major causes hindering our progress and development. This is because Pakistan has huge potential to join ranks with developed world as it has a fertile land, hard working people and a strategic location. The country has been endowed with immense natural resources and achievements of the nation in sensitive fields of nuclear and missile technologies is a clear manifestation of the fact that it can reach zenith of progress and prosperity provided there is good governance and potential in different spheres of life is exploited in an effective manner. It is, however, regrettable that the country witnessed bad governance during tenure of successive rulers in the past, who did nothing except to add to the problems of the people. Corruption has been rampant; there have been numerous instances of commissions and kickbacks, favouritism, nepotism and murder of merit. The most shocking was the revelation by Dr. Khan that he and his team members were quite capable of manufacturing mobile phone sets and automobile products which could have saved foreign exchange worth billions of dollars by reducing the import of these and other items but they were not allowed to do so. Similar complaints are privately and publicly made by various scientists, engineers and researchers as there are lobbies working for vested interests and import groups that prevent the country from pursuing the path of self-reliance. We are glad that now, at least, a beginning has been made by the present Government, which is paying more attention to transparency and hopefully this would lead to the desirable change.

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