Dr. Abdul Qadeer calls for research relevant to society


Book ‘Nerurosicne of Mind Empowerment’ launched at IIUI

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A book titled Nerurosicne of Mind Empowerment was launched here at Faisal Masjid campus of the International Islamic, University, Islamabad (IIUI), where famous Nuclear scientist D. Abdul qadeer Khan chaired the ceremony , while IIUI Rector Dr. Masoom Yasinzai, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Khaliq uz Zaman , varsity researchers, intellectuals, academics and members of civil society were also present.
Author, Dr. Anees Akhtar along with co-author Dr. Naseem Khan has elaborated that optimistic and pessimistic mind can alter the genetic makeup in response to thought patterns. The authors have discussed epigenetics, neuroplasticity, meditation, and Music therapy in the book.
“The book is narrated on a vital topic and I would urge the researchers’ fraternity that objective based research, relevant to the requirements of the society, should be promoted “said Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Talking on the neuroscience, the veteran scientist said that he could not find a better tonic for mind than a session of Quran recitation and interpretation. He called upon the professionals of all occupations to explore relevancies of Quranic teachings to their relevant subject and added that the practice would result in wonders as it would open new horizons of knowledge. Dr. Abdul Qadeer furthered that Quran and its teachings were the solution of all the human problems. He also reminisced his days with former scholars, heads and veterans of IIUI and hailed the services of university.
Dr, Khaliq uz Zaman, in his review on the book, elaborated its various chapters with metaphors, symbols and practical medical applications. “I learned surgery from Quran and learned Quran through surgery as both were always hand to mingle to explain the complexities and guide me” said the famous surgeon. He urged for promotion of book reading and said that there was a deficit of Pakistani books in the field of medical. He discussed epigenetics, neuroplasticity and meditation in a layman’s context and winded up that discussion with a note that life of Prophet (PBUH) and Quran were the sources to stay successful in any field and routine matters as well. He termed the book as a good effort of authors.
Dr. Masoom Yasinzai said that interdisciplinary research was a key to excel in the field of research. He added that future belongs to amalgamation and exploration of interdisciplinary work. He maintained that universities could be the best solution providers if they would set priorities of academic excellence and research relevant to the societal needs. He appreciated the effort of authors and vowed that IIUI would be seen in among ranks wherever the society would need its servicers such as academics’ promotions, discussion/ research/ dialogue on the present challenges. He also thanked Dr. Abdul Qadeer for joining the ceremony and termed him as a precious asset of Muslim world.
Earlier, Dr. Anees Akhtar apprised the audience about the objectives of narration and told details of the effort. He thanked all the participants for encouragement. Co-author Dr. Nasim Khan delivered a short presentation on the chapters of the book and elaborated the core points discussed in the book. At the end, Dr. Masoom presented a university crest to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan.

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