Dozens protest against load-shedding

Staff Reporter


Prolonged load-shedding continues in different parts of the city in day & night due to which people from different walks of life including going to office, business community, domestic residents and people who fasting & praying are facing difficulties.
Unannounced load-shedding continues not just during the day, but also at long hours in night in the different areas of city including ward no: 05, Press Club area, Shah Latif road, Kazia mori (bridge), Gharibabad, Seerani road, Village Haji Hashim Khaskheli, water supply areas and others main different areas of city are also worried about the recurrent power outages..
In different parts of the city, residents of the city were being deprived of the electricity from long a week because of no maintenance or change of the burnt or out of order electricity transformers when others main areas of city are facing up to seven hours of announced load-shedding in addition to several hours of unannounced load-shedding.
Not only were the citizens deprived of water, but those who have to go to office, business and others in the morning were also disturbed badly. According to sources more than ten electricity transformers were either burnt or out of order or requires maintenance from long a week were not reshuffled or changed irked the citizens.
Despite the order of Federal Govt for no load shedding in holy month of Ramzan, at least at time of prayers and specially Sehre and Iftar, people of Badin were hurdles of a whole long previous week even two days of holy months but higher authorities were turned off their eyes despite to heed for immediate resolve.

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