Double-faced law!

Some incidents never get attention or they are willingly brushed aside. In interior Sindh, there is a new prevalent hand-made police term “full fry & half fry”.If any robber is caught, without accentuating his robbery whether it is prime or paltry, he is either full fried or half fried. Half fry stands for shooting bullet in knee so that a victim may not walk for good. Whilst, full fry symbolises bullet either in heart or in head and it aims at sending the person in celestial world. Such types of killing are completely extra-judicial. The police are holding all the aces by exploiting the terms while many of the innocents have fallen victim to this spurious action.
Full frying the thief or robber, the police pretend as if this were real encounter and the person was about to blow up the country. Meanwhile, in big cities like Karachi the situation is reversed and with drastic effect of extremism in youth. The students and youth are occupied and engrossed in terrorist and extremist activities even many have been caught red handed along with their prohibited literature. But yet such culprits are being given leniency and lenity for the sake of their young age. The question comes to my mind of those young children, who were either full-fried or half-fried on account of the robbery of frivolous things or they just fell victim without any misconduct just because of the personal antipathy of police.
While the higher authorities bless the police with money and medals without getting themselves in picture regarding the reality of the story, there are uncountable illustrations which can be scribbled down. These abstruse actions are full of cynicism, those who have accession to the government, should take immediate action to overrule these illicit doings of police. Justice and law should be given their due priorities and we need to turn them to good account for it is essential to actualise the society.

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