Don’t take yourself seriously sir..!

A few years ago I’d been elected president of a local rotary club and a Whatsapp group was formed for all future presidents. By the second day, my inbox was flooded with jokes and ridicule poured on poor Rahul Gandhi, calling him pappu and every other name possible.
For fun, I posted a cartoon on Modi, which was not derogatory to say the least, but humorous, but before you could say Jack Robinson or our Indian equivalent, I had a horde of future presidents on my back, attacking me and calling me names. This went on for a few days, till in disgust I left the group.
I’ve found this peculiar situation in our country now: You can make a hundred jokes on the Congress, on Rahul, on Sonia and their allies, but dare you do so on Mr Modi or his pal Mr Shah, then like a pack of wolves the trolls will pick sticks and stones and break your bones till you are forced in sheer embarrassment or harassment to leave their group.
I wondered about this strange phenomenon and realized after some thought that these people take themselves too, too seriously. It’s like a man who comes on stage to speak, looks at his audience and says, “I am a great man, with a great speech, now shut up and listen to me!”
I have seen speakers stopping in the middle of a sentence, because somebody walked across the hall or somebody’s phone rang. The confident man smiles at an interruption, even waits politely for people to get back to listening to him, but the insecure person flies either into a rage or says something impolite.
And that is what we have here today, a host of people, who are taking themselves very, very seriously, because they are totally insecure about themselves. When you are sure of yourself and what you believe in, you can’t be bothered who pokes fun at you or your leader because you treat the joke or the lampooning like water off a duck’s back. Modi and Rahul today have more or less the same number of followers, but I still haven’t heard anybody arrested for calling Rahul, Papu, yet, the noise created if you have a dig at the prime minister! Babre!
Don’t take yourself seriously! Don’t assu me the world has to stop doing what they are doing as soon as you step on stage. Learn to laugh at yourself, and when you start doing so the people of this country will start believing in you more. Fear is not the way to shut people up, but confidence in yourself not to react or allow your henchmen to react with words, fists or bullets will show maturity and make people feel you are secure in yourself, enough to lead them! Mitron, please don’t take yourself seriously..!

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