Don’t shift onus of failures on Pakistan

IN its 100-paged report to US Congress, the Pentagon instead of admitting its own failures in tackling undesirable elements in Afghanistan has once again accused Pakistan of providing safe heavens to Haqqani network and Taliban. The Pentagon report also accused Pakistan of not taking sustained efforts to disrupt Haqqani network, something which is contrary to ground realities. Had Pakistan not taken decisive action against terrorist groups, mostly being funded by foreign elements, the situation would not have improved today in the tribal areas where the IDPs have started returning to their homes.
In fact what Pakistan has achieved in war on terror, the US led NATO forces collectively cannot match it in any manner. It is not the first time that such a report has originated from Pentagon as US along with puppet Afghan authorities, keep exerting pressure on Pakistan through such tactics absolving themselves of their own responsibilities for maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan. Killing of senior commanders of Haqqani network in eastern Afghanistan in recent months is sufficient a proof where do these Haqqanis are actually based. Now whose responsibility is to finish those elements? It will be unjust to expect from Pakistan what is beyond its domain. Pakistan has taken steps to strengthen border management to stop movement of terrorist elements but the Afghan side instead of reinforcing these efforts is also speaking foul on this very initiative. Instead of going the easy course of pointing accusatory fingers towards Pakistan, it is time that the US administration admits its own failures and takes genuine steps to normalise situation in Afghanistan. Military operation has yielded nothing but further added to the woes of Afghans. The solution to the problem only lies in sustained dialogue process amongst warring factions and this process will also succeed if the US completely withdraws its troops and allow the parties to sit and decide the future of their country. Pakistan, the US and China can and should only play the role of facilitators.

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