Don’t make NAP controversial

SURPRISINGLY, the top leadership of Pakistan People’s Party including its Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari while talking to media persons in Karachi on Saturday raised some serious questions about National Action Plan (NAP) and Karachi operation accusing the PM of using them for personal and political gains and warning the Sindh province could pull out of them. Such a hard-hitting statement from Bilawal would further aggravate an already tense political atmosphere in the country.
We understand that the PPP and its chairman are concerned over continued detention of Dr Asim who is facing mega corruption cases, besides terror financing and money laundering cases as well. He had also been accused of facilitating alleged terrorists. It is surprising that on the one hand PPP demands accountability yet on the other hand when it comes to the accountability of their own leaders they start criticising government and accuse it of political victimisation. There should not be duplicity in conduct on the matter. We want to remind the PPP that NAP and Karachi operation was initiated after complete consensus between the top military and civil leadership and it would not be possible for them to pull out of it especially at a time when security forces have achieved major successes in the war on terror and significantly restored peace and order in Karachi. Dr Asim and other political leaders currently behind the bars should be given opportunity of a fair trial and law should take its course if found guilty or otherwise, but raising fingers at NAP on political grounds merely to protect its political workers and leaders would be unethical. Genuine reservations could be raised at the relevant apex committees for redressal but leaders need to avoid kicking dust on NAP in the public. We would urge all political parties, federal and provincial governments to focus and direct their energies towards implementation of NAP points which so far have not received due attention to make it a complete success story.

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