Don’t lower your windows..!

AS I look out of my windows, especially the room I write from, the trees nearly brush my windowsill. Their green leaves swing and bob up and down, and quite often I find them smiling at me, as I get the correct word I’m searching in my mind for, or a piece I’m writing turns out the way I want.
They often seem to be partners in my writing experience and great friends they’ve become. I was telling this to a friend of mine as we sat in my room. “Why don’t you lower your windows Bob?” he asks, “You’ll have even more of them to look at!” I smile. I remember it was during the wedding of my daughter, the flat below was offered to me to use. “They’re all beautiful rooms with a great view!,” I told relatives and friends as I escorted them and left them at their doors.
“Bob,” they asked during lunch, “You spoke about a great view?” “Yes,” I told them smiling, “I’m just above you! What trees! What a beautiful green!”
But their eyes were troubled and I went back with them, wondering maybe that their windows didn’t open or maybe their eyes were shut! I entered and looked out. I can’t believe what I saw: The same trees that waved their branches and leaves in gay abandon just above, had no branches here.
Below the trees, the grass and wonderful bushes I knew sprouted in the rains were now become dry and brown. What I saw below was brown, barren land.
But just above, the trees have all their leaves and branches. I tell this to my friend sitting in my room, and he goes to the window and looks out. He shakes his head in acknowledgement, “You’ve got just enough!” he says quietly, and I nod.
Sometimes, nay quite often we don’t know when we’ve got just enough. We want more. We want to lower the window, grab the rest. We own property but we want other areas too. We have a wonderful spouse, but we want the neighbour’s too. We have a reasonably good car, but a bigger one is what we dream of.
And we lower our windows. Suddenly it’s not what we thought it would be. The other woman or man wasn’t what we imagined, nor the extra land, or car, and we long for the time, when what we had was just enough. The trees wave to me as I write this piece. I look up at them, not down below. I’m grateful, I have just enough..!

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