Don’t accept aid with strings

NOBODY can dispute the sacrifices, both human and material, rendered by Pakistan in the war on terror yet despite this it is lamentable that whenever it comes to extension of any financial assistance or reimbursement of expenses the country faces embarrassing strings attached to it. Though the US declared Pakistan as an ally in the war on terror but it keeps waiving a stick on us, which is just multiplying anti-American sentiments in the country.
Both the chambers of the US passed $900m for reimbursement to Pakistan but almost half of it, $400m, has almost been put out of its reach as to get these peanuts, Pakistan will have to first get a good conduct certificate from the US defence secretary. Treating a sovereign country like this, which has paid a heavy price in the war on terror, the very American posture is clearly disrespect for people of Pakistan and should be rejected. Secondly, economic losses the country has suffered runs into hundreds of billions of dollars and returning only some of the military expenses and that too with strings is beyond our understanding. Though we are in favour of having good and cordial ties with the US but responsibility also rests with the other side to take these relations forward on the basis of mutual respect. Being a sovereign state, we should reject any aid that comes with strings or requires a good conduct certificate from a US official. In fact, Pakistan has the potential and capability to take forward the war on terrorism to logical conclusion from its own resources. Instead of eying aid from other countries, the most honourable path for us is to live with in our means and build greater trade and economic relations with regional and western countries to avoid this blackmailing.

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