Dog wrapped in PTI flag shot dead


Police on Saturday arrested two men who shot dead a dog in Bannu in the latest incident of animal abuse over political rivalry in the country. ‘Police worked throughout the night to arrest two culprits involved in torturing and killing the animal and making a video of it,’ Khyber Pakhtunkhaw Police said on Twitter.
Responding within 12 hours, Bannu Police worked throughout the night to arrest 2 culprits at 6:45am involved in torturing, killing the animal and making video of it. KP Police thanks Social Media users for raising the issue. KP Police also shared a confession video of one of the men behind the cruel act. The two men had wrapped a dog in a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Isaf (PTI) flag and shot him multiple times.
The brutal act was captured on video which went viral on social media and drew widespread outrage. The horrifying video uploaded Friday night began with a dog sitting in the sand and wrapped in a PTI flag. The video then focused on the flag of another political party while two men could be heard in the background. It then showed the dog being shot mercilessly — not once but thrice. As the dog howled and trembled in pain, the video ended.
Several took to social media to demand that animal protection laws be implemented and a FIR be registered against those responsible. On July 23, a donkey, who was brutally beaten and bruised by the supporters of a political party, passed away. The donkey had become a target of violence on July 16 by supporters of a political party who wrote the name of a rival group on the donkey’s body to elude to him. Donkey subjected to horrible abuse by political party’s supporters succumbs to death.—INP

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