Doctors reveal their go-to fitness routines


Tell that to these doctors, who work long hours and barely have enough free time to eat a proper breakfast — if they can fit in some exercise, you probably can too. Luckily, fitting in a workout doesn’t necessarily mean going to a CrossFit box or training for a triathlon (although some of these overachievers do just that). Here’s how 16 doctors squeeze exercise into their appointment-packed schedules.
“I really enjoy participating in triathlons and did a number in the past, so I model my workouts around running, swimming, and biking. I add in some resistance training and try to get to yoga once per week. I flipped my workouts to the morning to avoid skipping them, and I also found the evidence about exercise in the morning and improved metabolism pretty compelling.” — Dr. Stephanie Long, One Medical San Francisco
“Mostly running after my kids. Also jogging about three times a week.” — Dr. Eduardo Grunvald, program director at UC San Diego’s Weight Management Program
“I like to have variety in my workout, so I alternate between boxing, core circuit, and jogging four times a week. Once every year or two I push myself by committing to a race. This year I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brookyln Half Marathon with my husband, which was great!” — Dr. Jennifer Haythe, cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University Medical Center
“Three principles guide my personal approach to my fitness: discipline, challenge, and nonviolence. Discipline and challenge fuel my development. Discipline also guides me to rest when I need it, which for me can be harder than choosing to exercise. Nonviolence means I respect pain. This deepens the trust that lets me expand my capabilities. This doesn’t mean I don’t box, but I don’t misunderstand injury as an accomplishment. I strength-train five times a week, practice Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga three times a week, and bike commute four days a week.” — Dr. David Bowden, One Medical San Francisco
“Even though I tell my patients to exercise 30 minutes per day, I have a hard time following that advice myself some days. In a bind, I will do a 10-minute ab workout and 20 minutes of yoga at home.” — Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, One Medical Phoenix
“I exercise in the morning, at 5:30 or 6:00am, depending upon what exercise I am doing. I will go to spinning classes four days a week and do a group strength/core class twice a week. On the days I do the core class, I also like to take a two-mile walk in the evening to achieve my step goal of 10,000 steps per day.

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