Doctors reject strike call given by their colleagues

Salim Ahmed

Lahore—As a result of action taken against few doctors, who were involved in misbehaving and torturing a patient and his attendant in Mayo Hospital, a group of young doctors has announced strike in all the hospitals, but the majority of doctors’ community did not pay heed to it and rejected the call of miscreants and continued their duties in the teaching hospitals on Friday. However, working in Mayo Hospital and Jinnah Hospital outdoors is partially affected.
A spokesman of Specialized Healthcare & Medical Education Department has given a comparison of working of the hospitals on the last two Fridays. He informed that on the last Friday 21st October 3463 patients were visited the OPD of Mayo Hospital whereas on 28th October (Friday) 949 patients were provided treatment by the doctors. Similarly, on the last Friday in Jinnah Hospital’s outdoor 1860 patients were treated by the doctors, whereas on 28th October 820 patients have visited the outdoor department.
Moreover, medical checkup and treatment activities in the OPD of Punjab Institute of Cardiology were conducted as usual by the doctors where 1845 patients were examined on October 28. The Spokesman further informed that in outdoor of Children Hospital 1433 patients were examined by the doctors, and provided health cover to them. In Government Mian Munshi Hospital outdoor department performed as usual where doctors extended health facilities to 735 patients.

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