Doctors and ailing humanity

Zahra Shoukat

TO save humanity is a big challenge. Medical science is a huge sector for the people to serve humanity. This field has some thoughtful reminders for the people to think. According to a group of people, now doctors choose this profession to earn high instead of any respect for humanity. This seems to be somehow correct because they are earning high according to the new research report of 2016.
The major paid doctors by specialty are orthopaedists, cardiologists, dermatologists, gastroenterologists and radiologists, other statistics say that paediatricians, endocrinologists, family physicians, H IV an infectious-disease specialists and allergists. The graph shows the estimated earning of the various doctors. It is also estimated that the doctors also earn commissions from the pharmaceutical companies. Pharmaceutical companies paid out more than $250 million to some 17,000 doctors and nurses across the US in 2009 and 2010, according to a new database compiled and published by Pro-Publica, a non-profit investigative journalism group.
This data is taken from the seven drug makers who manufacture almost about 35x percentage of the medications sold in America. But the same tradition is followed in many other South Asian countries too. This report showed that nearly 400 of those doctors received payments of $100,000 or more to promote drugs. Pro-Publica also found that in 18 states the 250 doctors had been accused of using the medicines in a wrong way. So it is considered that doctors are also involved in “Corruption”. The doctors and pharmaceutical companies have a great bonding relationship. It shows that some time if the patient can recover from the less amount of medicines, but they give them high potency and more medicines. They have some sort of personal contact with the pharmaceutical agencies that will pay them with high commissions. So there is less humanity spirit remains in the doctors. According to Levin;” It might be hard for patients to believe that a person they trust so much would behave badly, but he advises people to put even more trust in their own instincts.”
Brand name drugs generally cost more than generic drugs. The other aspect of this controversial topic is that it is not the hard and fast rule that every doctor is involved in this drug corruption or mafia. It depends upon the nature of the person. Even in this world when everyone is moving in a rush hour and no body cares for any one but still people with good soul exist. There are also a group of doctors who care about the life and its importance of life. Life is the most precious element that is given to the human. If someone loss the life it means that he left his loved ones permanently. Some doctors combined together and make the foundations where they provide the health services or medications free or at low prices so humanity can have a hope to survive. By profession doctor is a noble career to choose. A doctor is considered to be the saviour of humanity. So people adopt this profession to serve the humanity.
Doctors are caretakers or money takers is a long piece of discussion. This includes both factors of life. Doctors mostly now have greed to earn more and more in order to support their family. They want that their children must be highly educated and have all the luxurious of the life. Both aspect must be keep in the mind so that people should be aware of the factors that now doctors are also involved in the list of corrupt people somehow.
—The writer is freelance columnist based in Islamabad.

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