Do try again

Maaz Aftab

“I will never try again!” One of my students said to me after getting failed in University Entrance Test. These sort of statements are pretty traumatic to hear as a guide as I work for the organisation who guides students for their career and prepare them for the Entrance Test. Number of students come every year, and 50% of them don’t actually get the admission where they opt to, which makes them the low spirited, and they start giving those despair statements.
I motivate them, they work hard, and succeed in getting admission, not primarily where they wanted, but they apply themselves to adjust there, afterward, when I see them, and the brightness on their faces reflecting their glowing futures I feel glad and delighted. Besides, my faith become stronger that the Life is like a Wave. In the negative half cycle, you need to be stronger when everything go opposite unless the positive half comes which brings happiness and joy.

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