Do Politics on Issues

A day after newly elected Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbassi called for establishment of a parliamentary committee for investigation into Ayesha Gulalai’s scathing allegations against PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Ayesha Ahad, the alleged wife of Hamza Sharif, also returned to the scene on Saturday venting out her anger saying Hamza is neither Saqid and Ameen and that she will approach the ECP on the matter.
Whilst PTI was accusing the PML (N) of being at the back of Gulalai’s episode, presence of PTI leaders at the news conference addressed by Ayesha Ahad left no doubt that the women wing of the party wooed Ahad to come in the media and repeat the allegations in order to do some damage control done by Gulalai. Whilst we believe that both the cases should be investigated yet it should be done very delicately without much limelight given the honor and respect that our great religion accords to women. Especially the electronic media needs to show restraint for repeatedly making them topic of their heated discussion and succumbing to the tactics of political parties which are resorting to extreme and filthy course to malign and discolor the other so much so that the women are now being used for character assassination. If the political parties want to maintain the sanctity of the parliament and want to enjoy respect in the eyes of the masses, they will have to shun this course and turn back to the politics of decency and civility focusing merely on the genuine issues faced by the people. As less than one year is left in the next polls, the parties need to present their agenda and way forward for the country. The opposition parties have the discretion to pinpoint the shortcomings of the government and highlight the problems facing the people; similarly, the entire focus of government should be on completion of ongoing projects. Then the parties should leave the matter to the masses as to whom they repose confidence in the next general elections. Having said so, the political parties should not forget the grave challenges hovering over the country. Filthy and politics of division will only serve the interest of our enemies which are bent upon stocking anarchy and chaos in the country.

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