Do or die!

Ali Ashraf Khan

India and RAW from day one of Pakistan’s coming into being, have been trying to harm our country. The capture of a high profile RAW agent, Kul Bhoshan Yadev using a fake identity on Indian passport in the name of Mubarak Hussain Patel, a serving Indian naval officer, arrested from Balochistan, who has admitted frequently travelling from Iran and Afghanistan into Pakistan for subversive activities. It proves the nefarious Indian agenda and the long-standing claims and recent revelations of relationship of financing and training MQM by RAW are two serious case examples for Pakistan to take a firm stand now.
While the matter of the agent caught red-handed in Balochistan seems to be in good hands, there are serious questions to be asked about the MQM relations with RAW. Mustafa Kamal after returning to Karachi, has referred to those claims but it seems that he doesn’t have any hard proof in his hands. Media has reported that the British government has not only been sheltering the run-away elite of MQM in London but it has found evidence during house searches in connection with money laundering and murder cases in the houses of leading MQM members. Muhammad Anwar, a British citizen of perhaps Indian Origin – one of the most powerful and ‘strong man’ behind Altaf Hussain, is allegedly a RAW planted operative and facilitator in London MQM office; he was handling the contacts between both organizations but nobody in Pakistan ever seriously focused or raised this question of Indian direct interference into Pakistan politics.
There is an imperative need for our country to raise this issues with India and with Britain. Pakistan must keep its own national interest at heart and stop pushing them under the carpet. There is a need to either investigate these allegations seriously or to drop them. One doesn’t know how serious the FIA official was when asking Mustafa Kamal for help in RAW-MQM related investigations a couple of days ago. In any case, there is need for action! Pakistan can sever its diplomatic relation with India right now.

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