Do not waste time watching TV

Watching television is a waste of time and it is slowly corrupting the minds of our youth. It also encourages teen violence, sex, drugs, inappropriate language and bullying. Unhealthy lifestyles and low social skills are also a negative effect from watching TV. The time spent in watching television should be a small limited amount and more time should be spent outside the four walls of the house and interacting with people.
Some of the programmes on television that people watch are negative and destructive to the mind. Dramas can put extra stress on the shoulders of our youth and teens live with enough stress in their life as it is. Teen minds are like sponges; they soak up their environment and act like the influences they are around. More children are put through bullying today than in the past and television has played a huge role in displaying harsh language and bullying.
A huge percentage of adolescents have started developing unhealthy habits in front of the idiot box. It has been proven that the more time a person spends in watching television, the sooner they are going to die.
Being active is one of the most important necessities of a person’s body; and why would someone want to abuse their bodies by obsessive TV watching? More time should be spent experiencing the great outdoors and developing real life friendships.
Mumbai, India

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