Do more for PU

FOLLOWING violent clashes between student groups, the Punjab University (PU) administration on Wednesday imposed ban on entry of political, religious and social personalities in the varsity premises. After receiving a preliminary report and recommendations on the matter, the university announced a new code of conduct under which parents of students will be asked to file a written testimony at the time of admission that their children will not get involved in any political activity.
These measures are welcome but may prove to be cosmetic in the given situation in the Punjab University, which is more of a political arena than a seat of learning because of excessive politicisation and lack of interest on the part of its management and provincial government. Earlier, clashes and tension at the campus had religious contours but this time round it has assumed parochial dimensions, which is alarming. The situation is so complex and serious that declaration of the management to get written testimony from parents at the time of admission of their children about non-involvement in political activities is of no significance as similar affidavits are obtained by almost all institutions but these commitments are not adhered to. Otherwise too, such declarations are meant for simple people and not for those who enter campuses with special agendas and motives other than learning and studying. We have been demanding in these columns since long that armed wings of all political or religious parties should be banned and the ban implemented in letter and in spirit. Student wings at some campuses including PU are so strong and dreaded that the management can hardly do anything against them. Therefore, an effective interference by provincial government and even paramilitary forces is required to restore peace and security as well as dignity and honour of higher educational institutions.

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