Divine legislation not merely ritual

Nighat Leghari

It is a specific significance of Islam that all of its divines commands fixed on its followers encircle all the aspects of human life and its affairs. Even the scientists and researchers declared that all of four prominent Islamic mode of worships are most powerful and accurate activities for mankind. It is another singular distinction of Islam which bestowed upon its followers in the form of such blessings which can brought plurism, tolerance, tranquillity and optimism to their method of life. But to our bad luck we have reduced our faith merely to its surface side and did not go deep into its origin and received no wisdom from it.
Tragically enough that our Ulema have reduced Islam to an outdated set of rituals to which our masses are historically addicted. They have made the religion a market commodity. Parents have also played a role to their children to detach them from the faith pushing them to the high level temporal occupations and various type of materialistic temptations, consequently they took the divine command as an act of their option, they did not took it as a food of thought or meditation.
Sadly to say that we took all these worships as merely the commands to abide not to go into the spiritual or internal aspect. For example we take Namaz (Prayer) merely a corporal exercise reduced to the prayer rug. During our prayer period we don’t develop any spiritual link with our Lord who makes us apprised the methods of righteousness.
The month of Ramazan is a month of returning to God and abstaining from sins and bad deeds. It gives a movement to meditate about all the affairs related to human beings regarding health and physical care occupy a central place in Islam. Islam is the only faith which deal equally with the physical and spiritual health it penetrate deep in to the health. Fasting is not merely a starvation it brings total betterment to our corporal mechanism, it is a fast overhauling of our mind and body. It rewards us forbearances, fortitude and forgiveness. This month provide us the opportunity for night vigals and vision to see the right path towards life. Hajj (Pilgrimage) is another blessing bestowed on us. It provides and occasion to mingle with the people all over the world which gives us knowledge and awareness about the life styled and affairs of the people of other countries.
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) revolutionized the whole of the humanity and its affairs. Absorbed in prayer we feel high-level spiritual peace and piety. But sad to say that we take Hajj as an excursion trip with the intention of shopping and purchasing. Zakat is the most effective worship because it brings an economical betterment to the down trodden people of the social set up. When we share our hard earn money with the poor brethrens it provides us satisfaction to our mind and conscience and consequently Allah increases our income manifold but strange enough that we take this as an ostentation and show off wealth.
The downrun of morality piety, daily increase in crimes corruption and internationally difference and disputes have now become the components of Islam because of our deviation from the divine commands. We have breached the Divine legislation in all our affairs which is leading us to all evils of society and we are facing fear & all types of obstacles and insecurity in life.
— The writer is a freelance columnist based in Multan.

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