Divided opposition

Election of Dr Arif Alvi is a good omen for Pakistan as democratic transition of power has smoothly completed. Now, Pakistan can hold her head high in democratic nations as undemocratic rule has become history and stigma of dictatorship removed since long. It is irony of fate that opposition’s ostensible lead, led them to disarray which is an indicator of immaturity, of course. Had grand opposition unity in their ranks, things might have totally been different. But the ground reality depicts great divide in opposition.
Unfortunately, every party went for its own interest. The whole ship of opposition sank in shallow waters, a great tragedy. The marriage of inconvenience has miserably failed during its first test; coming events cast their shadows before. In future, such behaviour will be a big plus for PTI. Congratulations to Dr. Arif Alvi. It is hoped that he will not be a silent spectator and will play his constitutional role efficiently, diligently and positively.

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