Diversity in career choices


We all know what common perception of an ‘ideal career’ is in Pakistan. Doctors, engineers, CA’s and the list continues. Art is perceived to be a field that you only go in if you’re off to the easy road, but we need to ask ourselves the question that why do have such a perception in our society. Because at end of the day, what it has done is that we’ve led an entire generation to believe that it’s only two-three fields that actually matter, rest is nothing. We have deprived ourselves of potential artists, public officers, sociologists, historians etc.
All these fields constitute just as important component of our national progress as the so-called ‘top ones’ do. This blatant lack of diversity leads us to be less innovative and more judgemental. Hence we need to instil this mindset among people that as long as you’re passionate about it, whatever you do is worth your time and effort and that it does make a difference.

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