Disturbances in PU

WHAT happened in the Punjab University on Friday is a stark reminder as to why our educational system has miserably failed to deliver and why none of our universities is included in the top few hundred higher education institutions of the world. New Campus of the University turned into a virtual battlefield because of clash between two groups of students which necessitated involvement of police to disperse them.
This is not for the first time that such an ugly situation surfaced in one of the largest and oldest educational institutions of the country. PU is known for rivalry and clashes among different factions of students impacting upon its performance and output. Some student wings are so strong that no admissions, expulsions or administrative or academic decisions are possible without their approval. Those who have intimate knowledge of what is happening there say they are virtually ruling the university whimsically and the management renders ineffective because of their negative activities. And this is not confined to PU alone, though things are worst there as compared to other institutions, but the malaise is also visible in many other public sector institutions. Fortunately, professional and technical universities and institutions are so far somewhat spared of this menace but traditional educational institutions, where students from poor families take admission, are badly caught in this vicious cycle of violent student politics. This is, in fact, a stigma and it would not be unfair to say that our major and organized political parties have to be blamed for this sorry state of affairs. All political parties claim to be committed to do politics for welfare of the people but practically they are harming them for petty political gains, which, honestly speaking, are not gains but black spots on their reputation and overall image. As for Friday’s incident is concerned, the authorities concerned should intervene urgently to resolve the feud as it could take parochial dimensions.

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